Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog 5: Rapping Against Rape

Rape has been an enormous social and controversial issue throughout the timeline of human existence. Women around the world and here in the United States have endured this type of violent act. Here in the United States as well as other countries there are strict laws and punishments against the cruel people who commit these crimes. It is important to note that women are not the only victims of rape, men can be victims as well; it is just that statistically women are more likely to be victims and are affected more often.

Rape of women in India is increasing drastically. Alarmed and determined to something, friends Pankhuri Awasthi and Uppekha Jain, one a theater artist and the other a TV host decided to create a rap video displaying the issue and voicing their concerns on treatment of women in India. The rap video’s purpose was to bring awareness about rape and other mistreatment going on in their country. The women did not expect to receive as many views as they did. Within two days they nearly reached 150,000 views. The women talk about the troubles women face in India on a daily basis. Pankhuri talks about how difficult it is for her to get to work through public transportation because of all of the snares and rude comments as well as harassment she faces just because she is required to wear makeup to work.  The women know that their video will not change the minds of everyone but even if only a few change they feel like they succeeded with their video as a part of the movement.

Illyana Massey
9:33 pm

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