Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog 5: Dozens killed in Suicide Attacks at Shiite Mosques in Yemen

 Sana, Yemen has had many attacks on their citizens. In January a car bomber killed over thirty people outside a police academy. Friday suicide bombers attacked two Zaydi Shiite mosques in the capital. This attack killed more then 100 people. A group called the Yemeni division of the Islamic State militant group said they were responsible for the attack. There was a third suicide bomber aiming to attack the northern province of Saada but, he was caught before he got there. The hospitals in the capital treated hundreds of people injured in the explosions.  

Yemen has been leaderless since January. The Houthis placed president Abdu Rabbu Hadi and his government under house arrest. The attacks on Friday happened after days of fighting across Yemen. The violence also spread to Aiden over control of the international airport and a security base. Violence has been occurring across Yemen and surrounding areas. They have had a increase number of assassinations, bombings and clashes. I couldn’t imagine living in a place with no official government and violence all of the time. At any moment there could be a bombing which makes their citizens live in fear. 

Tamaiya Davis 
March 20, 2015 
12:30 pm 

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