Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog #5 Love is ... five gay films going global in the name of human rights


London’s LGBT film festival is releasing five films worldwide whose plots revolve around someone in the LGBT community and their experiences with young love, older love, unrequited love or learning what love is. The purpose of London releasing these films worldwide is to not only spread awareness and gain support for the LGBT community, but to also change people’s mind sets to accepting that “love is a basic human right.” These five films are being offer for free online to around 70 countries including China, India, Ukraine, Poland, and Israel and will not be released in another 70 countries due to the illegality of homosexuals; this includes Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Uganda. With the release of these films worldwide the British Council members were sure to prepare for any of the risk that may come with the release.


When it comes to being the dominant culture, one of the things we tend not to notice is how easy it is to find someone who is like us, to learn about ourselves in textbooks, to see ourselves in magazines, to watch movies and television shows about our daily lives. When it comes to homosexuals they do not get to experience this the way heterosexuals do. Even as countries come to accept homosexuals’ way of life, homosexuals are still hidden in ways we would think that they would be able to express themselves. This article highlights the ways that London is starting to make homosexuality more prevalent in our lives. Even if we accept same-sex relationships, it is different to see it everywhere the way we see heterosexuals. By having more people exposed to homosexuality, we can begin to leave a culture that has to always point out a homosexual. No one has to stop and say, “look at the heterosexual couple in the film”, and by having films being released about homosexuals, this is the first step for society to just see two people, same-sex or opposite, in a relationship as nothing more than a couple. Like the article states, love is a human right.

Karen Bent
March 20, 2015
12:39 PM

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