Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog 5: ISIS hits Tunisia


ISIS has claimed the attack that had taken place Thursday morning in a Tunisian Museum. It was said that they killed 23 people with use of fully automatic weapons and hand grenades. This attack was the first ISIS strike in Tunisia. A vast majority of the people that were killed were not Tunisian natives, but were tourists. After the attack, ISIS supposedly called authorities to let them know that they were the people responsible for the attack by giving the names of the people that committed the crime. Since the audio message was received by the authorities, 9 arrests have been made. During the message, the supposed members of ISIS gave a warning that more attacks could be imminent by stated that the attack on the museum was “just the start.” Authorities are unsure if this attack was really caused by the terrorist group, ISIS, or caused by a local “franchise” adherent of the group. Tunisia has almost 3000 citizens, more than any other country, that have traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight alongside the jihadists.


This is the first attack by ISIS in the North African country of Tunisia. It appears that the terrorist group is making another attempt to spread their reach of terror and fear. This attack was extremely random and violent. Usually, the attacks by ISIS are targeted towards people that are deemed enemies of the group, but this attack was set up to harm random tourists. This act of violence might be a sign that ISIS is prepare to harm anyone that does not support their cause. After this attack, they have added a list of new enemies. I can imagine that it won’t be long before they have stepped on every nation’s toes and they will be dealt with.

Jordan Hagens 


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