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Blog 5 : Liberia progress towards freedom from Ebola

Title: Liberia progress toward freedom from Ebola

In Liberia more than 4,000 people died from the virus Ebola. Libera had the most deaths of individuals due to Ebola in West Africa.  When you combine all of West Africa data there has been more than 10,000 deaths and 24,000 people sick with Ebola. With this large number incidents Ebola is a social problem dealing with health. When a situation affects a large amount of people and the consequence are out of their control a social problem is present.
On March 5, 2015 newscast and the media was in Liberia to get more information on the story focusing on the last Ebola patient being released from a treatment center in Monrovia the capital of Liberia. The patient name is Beatrice Yardolo and two weeks ago she was declared virus free and the last patient to have Ebola . The World Health Organization does not consider a country virus free until there has been 42 days elapsed with no reoccurrence of someone with that particular virus since the last patient was released.
Twenty days later a female was admitted with Ebola. Liberia hopes of being eradication from  Ebola  by April is no longer possible. The head of the country Ebola Incident Management Dr. Francis Keith announced that someone else is infected with Ebola within the Liberia countdown to becoming virus free. Dr. Francis shared concerns because the medical team can not figure out how the infected female got infected with Ebola. The new infected patient has no ties found with anyone on the list of Ebola patients, the medical team has ran out of possible contacts. Next in the procedure the medical team is researching if the new Ebola patient has traveled abroad because which may be a connection to how she got infected with Ebola.
To have another Ebola patient admitted to a treatment center for Ebola caught the whole world by surprise.The country is putting anyone who been in contact with a Ebola patient or is possible of having Ebola in isolation. This Saturday there will be an emergency meeting to discuss the situation further.

Analysis: This is a good example on how when dealing with social problems you got to research the history ,biography, and individual affect lives. If i was not researching Ebola for this past semester I would have probably perceived the article different and looked at it from a negative perception because the infection is still not gone. Since I  had the opportunity to research this social problem I can look at the history, biography and the individuals stories impacted by Ebola  and view the new in a optimistic manner. Ebola have touched and took so many lives in Liberia and now the rate is decreasing.  I am able to see how Ebola impacted individuals and played a role on their behaviors these couple of months.


March 20,2014
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