Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog #5: Tuberculosis And Superbug Strains 'Ravaging' Europe, WHO Warns

Tuberculosis is a contagious bacterial lung disease that occurs mainly in areas of poverty and deprivation and spreads through warm moist droplets of an infected individual.  Some examples of how someone can spread this disease is through sneezing and coughing.  This disease is hard to treat because there are so many restraint strains floating around.  The antibiotics used to treat TB can take months to work.  In 2013 the World Health Organization reported that Tuberculosis killed around 1.5 million people worldwide.  Countries with larger TB problems also have higher rates of re-infection and report a lot more cases of multi-drug resistant TB. The main goal is to eliminate Tuberculosis from the European region by 2050.

Tuberculosis seems like it spreads like wild fire and once it starts it is very difficult to stop.  The article states that it mainly spreads in areas that are in poverty and this can affect developed and non-developed countries.  Some people that live in poverty do not live in the cleanest way and normally live in closer proximity to other poor families.  Also people that live in poverty are less likely to have health insurance that supplies regular physicals and helps pay for drugs if they become sick.  Another thing individuals that live in poverty must pay close attention to is that if someone gets TB where they live then it will spread easily throughout the neighborhood and the city.  Individuals in poverty are normally less educated so are not aware of the fact that TB is a airborne disease.  Therefore they do not know how to properly protect their families.  Everyone needs to be educated about this disease and prevention so that it can stop spreading so quickly.

Kelsey Bryant

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