Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog #5: On election’s eve, Netanyahu says no Palestinian state as long as he’s Israel’s PM

Israeli PM Netanyahu has made the announcement that if he was re-elected he would prevent the formation of an independent Palestinian state. This announcement, made on Monday, is a reversal of a previous hint that he would accept a palestinian state. Netanyahu told the Israeli news source NRG “Whoever moves to establish a Palestinian state or intends to withdraw from territory is simply yielding territory for radical Islamic terrorist attacks against Israel,” Due to Netanyahu's trailing in the polls his opponents, who favor peace accords with Palestine, have accused him of just playing up fears of radical Islam to get the public on his side. Polls predict that his opponents will gain double the seats in parliament than his coalition. He proclaims that, as in years past, he will continue to stand up for Israeli interest despite opposition. Such is the case where he promoted the establishment of Har Homa. Despite all this Israel is looking to have neither left nor right contain a majority hold.

I find it an interesting turn of events that Israel might have a much larger centrist base than before considering that many have very black and white views on issues dealing with Palestinians or social issues. My favor is that the Israelis prevent a Palestinian state as I agree with Netanyahu's fears from radical Islam, which is a valid threat in that sector of the world.


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