Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ashes and death: What Boko Haram left behind in Baga
Some roads are impossible to reach because the Boko Haram has blown up the bridges.
From city to city the insurgents have left their imprint on of destruction- burned remains of markets places, homes, farms and governments facilities.
Signs boards have been painted over with Boko Haram insignia and inscription in Arabic. A few people have remain after the worst attack by the insurgents in their region. In the January attack Boko Haram killed hundreds may be more and setting building on fires.
Mangle motorcycles litter the street and decomposing bodies lie by the road. The town is fill with the smell of death.
Boko Haram mostly kills men. They normally don’t touch the women. They search the homes looking for men and when they find them they kill them.
One women stated that “Boko Haram fighters killed my sister’
The town is deserted except for the patrol. The Muslim leader Emir Ahmada pleaded for the people to come back home so they can redeveloped the town call Mubi.
The troops that are fighting the Boko Haram are getting maimed and killed regularly by the bombs that the Boko Haram has planted. The insurgents are known to surround their location with bombs to protect them from their enemies.
Military action is now being taken against the Boko Haram to stop their killing but they still remain a terror in the region.
In this article it tells the despair and the impact of death and destruction that the Boko Haram has left behind. It shows what a terrorism group is capable of doing.  The Boko Haram has left behind charred city and bodies by the road side. The Boko Haram Had killed hundreds of people and the smell of death is in the air. It is becoming a global affair because regions are now joining together to defeat the Boko Haram. Regions like Chad, Niger and Cameroon has join together. The goal of these regions is to defeat the Boko Haram.
Tempris McCollum

8:56 pm


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