Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog #5: Argentine Gov't Accuses Late Prosecutor of Kickback Scheme


Argentine government accused Alberto Nisman on Wednesday of illegally using state money for a kickback scheme and to wine and dine women. As we all know, Alberto Nisman, was found dead in January 18th after a gun shot wound on the head. Cabinet chief Anibal Fernandez told reporters that prosecutor Alberto Nisman illegally used funds dedicated to the prosecutor's investigation into the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 85 people. According to Fernandez, Nisman used money to entertain women and to pay an inflated salary to Diego Lagomarsino who was a friend of Mr. Nisman who acknowledge lending the gun to him in his death. Fernandez said that Lagomarsino, who happens to be a computer technician, was paid approximately $4,823 a month (41,000 pesos) and gave  $2,352 (20,000 pesos) back to Nisman.  Lagomarsino's lawyer, Maximiliano Rusconi, has refused to answer questions after Wednesday meeting with investigators.  However, Rusconi did speak on Tuesday saying that revelations about his client's financial relationship with the prosecutor shows the behavior of Nisman that are least questionable. Without offering any detail, he believes that the government would use the information to damage Nisman's image. Nobody has still not been arrested with Nisman death. Poll has shown thought that Fernandez's popularity has taken a hit eight months before presidential elections. She is prohibited from running for a third term and has yet to designate a top candidate from her party, which currently controls both chambers of Congress. Although many have said that Lagomarsino could have some involvement with Nisman death, Viviana Fein, the lead investigator in the case, has said that Lagomarsino is not a suspect. On Wednesday, about 100 people demonstrated outside a courthouse to demand justice for Nisman, the latest of dozens of protest since his death. During the protest, Philosopher and writer Santiago Kavadloff criticized the government for going after somebody who couldn't defend himself. He stated, "When a dead man is attacked in this way he is actually alive because it means he is important."


I found this article to be quite interesting. The fact that now they are showing as Nisman to be the bad guy isn't really all that surprising to me. I'm not sure to actually believe that he was doing such a thing or to think like it was said in the article that it's a way for the government to damage Nisman image. This case has turned so tricky in the way that you don't know who to really believe. One week you might think that you are getting somewhere with this case and then the next week it surprises you with new speculation. One thing is for sure, and i keep saying this in almost if not all of the blog posts that I have done so far, is the fact that they have yet not been able to solve what really did happen to Nisman and who was involved with his death. I liked the statement that Santiago Kavasloff said. Thinking about it I couldn't agree more with him!

Alexandra Palma

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