Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog #5 Ebloa: Sierra Leone plans second lockdown

Sierra Leone is planning to quarantine at least 2.5 million people to their homes because of how bad the Ebola virus has gotten. So far Ebola has claimed 3,700 lives in West Africa because of the Ebola virus it has also effected the Economic and the health systems as well. The lockdown will be only for three days just like it was last September. The lockdown will start March 27 till the March 29. While they are lock down the enforcements will try their best to locate people who are sick and separate them from everyone else. Just this week alone there has been 95 new confirmed infections in Guinea, that is an all-time high since the disease first popped up. On Wednesday the World Health Organization reported over 150 new cases since Sunday. While the natives their selves have been infected with the disease over 300 health care workers have been infected with the disease as well. 11 of those health care workers that have been infected with the disease are from the US and are back in the US being monitored for signs of illnesses. Even though the people see how bad this disease is they seem to not understand how bad it truly is and they are still touching the dead and taking people to the traditional healers. The plan is to have Ebola either under control or at an end by April 15. Just two weeks before this lock down there was a door to door operation in Port Loko to find out if families was either hiding bodies or people that had contracted the disease. After the three day lockdown they will have another door to door operation to see if they can catch either more people or get it under control. So far there has been a decrease in numbers that have been reported to the WHO but they still have a ways to go with this disease.


Even though the people want to grieve their lost I believe the government is doing its best to keep everyone safe if they just sit back and let these people keep getting sick then it’s going to lower their population. There might have been better ways of doing it than a three day lockdown and then a door to door check but if people are hiding the bodies then they have to do that. I do believe that if they take their time to educate people on how bad Ebola is and how dangerous it can be to them then that will help them dramatically. As the old saying goes you can give a man a fish he can eat for a day but teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. I feel the same for this….show a person a dead body they will touch it, teach them that you touch this body and you could contract this disease go through a horrible, painful and slow death.


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