Friday, March 20, 2015

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Nardos Debru

LSE students stage occupation in protest at ‘profit-driven education’

This article tells about the students of London School of Economics and their attempts at receiving an equal chance. The education that they are receiving is one that they feel is conditional and ultimately the most beneficial for the school rather than the students. With high tuition fees, ties with war sought organizations not to mention constant police lurking the school campus students feel very limited and  restricted. Students have realized that not only are they being changed an unfair amount for school, but they are not receiving their moneys worth due to the schools business driven intentions. “We demand an education that is liberating which does not have a price tag. We want a university run by students, lecturers and workers” the students wrote in a section of their written debate. The students hope that all of their efforts lead to a change in the universities system. Regardless of whether or not LSE decides to go through with any of the changes that the students are demanding, the students themselves will continue to protest until they continue to see changes.

I think that the students of LSE are asking for nothing more than what an education should entail. For one thing, in todays day a college education is just too expensive and although there are things like financial aid and scholarships, many people do not qualify for them or they simply do not come as easy to them as it does to others. Also a school should give all students the simple freedoms of life, rather than forcing your own opinions on them. Being a college student myself I could not imagine being at LSE and having to deal with these issues. But on the other hand I can relate to the idea of having to protest your stance to make a change in something that you believe. I think that it is very impressive how much progress that these students have made so far. It is so unfair how some people let their power go to their heads.

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