Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog #5

                For this week, I looked at a New York Times article which covered the results of the recent election in Israel in which Netahnyahu decisively won a fourth term in office while denying any possibility of a Palestinian state. Although this political issue is partially based on ethnic and cultural divides, religious beliefs play a significant role in the conflict due to the fact that both groups of people believe the area to be extremely significant to their culture and their religious beliefs. The article examines how, despite the decisive nature of Netahnyahu’s victory, Israel itself seems to be divided over how to appropriately address the Palestinian population. For example, liberal city centers such as Tel Aviv strongly opposed Netahnyahu and the vast majority of the population in those areas was extremely disappointed by the election results. However, rural areas which are expanding due to growing Jewish settlements staunchly supported Netahnyahu and ultimately won him the election. However, many Israeli citizens are concerned that his staunch position on Palestine and his unwillingness to entertain any type of compromise in regard to their cultural and religious connection to the area will simply lead to an unending cycle of violence and fighting.

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