Friday, March 20, 2015

Bria McDaniel Blog 5 Parents in India helping students Cheat

Bria McDaniel
March 20, 2015
Parents in India have taken cheating to another level. A picture was taken of parents of children that attend a school in Bihar India hanging outside of the school's windows to hand their children cheat sheets for their end of year test. The Bihar Minister of Education discussed how this is harmful for the children, because they won’t learn if they are always given the answers by their family members. Many parents see the only way out of poverty is education, and they are extremely desperate to get their family out of poverty. One parent strapped his daughter on the back of his motorcycle to take his daughter to her assessment test after she refused to go. The parent said this was the last resort after she continuously refused even after bribing her with candy and chocolate. India has only a literacy rate of 74% overall and only 64% for women. This makes education and literacy a commodity to the Indian people and especially the women.
Basic education shouldn't be a commodity, it should be a human right. In today's world where people and countries can afford 65 million dollar G6 jets, multiple multi-million dollar homes and trillion dollar wars, a basic education should be provided to every child. These parents are so desperate, that they will do anything to insure that their child will at least have an education that will give them a job to pay for clean water and daily meals. The problem doesn't lie with the parent’s morals, the problem lies with the greed of the wealthy and the governments.

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