Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog #6: EU deal on reforms, loans next week: Greek minister

    This one of the most important times for Greece. On Thursday the economic prime minister said that next week there would be a decision made. Everyone is anxious to see if Europe will get into an agreement finally. They have been informed that they will not get any more money unless they show a credible reform plan. Tsipras had a phone call with the head of IMF, Christine Lagarde and discussed the issue thoroughly. In 2010 Lagarde had sent Greece a confidential list of Greeks who had Swiss bank accounts and told Tsipras that no one did anything for all these tax cheats. Tsipras agreed with her and reassured she that a “social fair” tax system was made to make up for that.
    On Wednesday the Greek government failed to persuade the European officials to give them the 1.2 billion euros which it says was returned to eurozone.  They now have to wait to see what will happen next week. The government has until Monday to prepare a detailed list of what should be done. Alexis Tsipras is hopeful that his talks next week with Angela Merkel will be successful.

     The Greek government has had its ups and downs when it comes to how the rest of Europe looks at them. I don’t believe it is unreasonable what the officials are asking. They haven’t disagreed to the austerity measures, but they do want to see a plan and progress. Tsipras has managed to have reasonable discussions with the officials and might actually get a breakthrough within the next few weeks. 

Eugenia Marantos

March 27, 2015

11.30 PM

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