Friday, March 27, 2015

blog 6 US First Lady in Cambodia to Promote Girls' Education Bria McDaniel 03/27/2015

First Lady Michelle Obama is concluding her tour across Asia to promote education for her campaign called “Let Girls Learn”. Her final stop is in Cambodia. Michelle Obama has even got Japan to jump on board and donate 340 million dollars to the cause. Not all people are in support of this movement. Hen Sun, the prime minister of Cambodia is known for his close mindedness and refusal to entertain other opinions. The first lady will meet with his wife, Bun Rany. The education system in South East Asia has experienced a downturn after Khmer Rouge regime which closed down and murdered intellectuals. The dropout rate in Cambodia is horrendous. 95 percent of children enter primary school, but only 20 percent finish secondary school. Michelle Obama is there to address these issues and promote the education of the girls. Many of the other issues that lead to the issue with their education is poverty, child prostitution, and child labor will also be addressed.

This seems like publicity stunt or an assignment to given to the first lady so she has more to do then just twiddle her fingers in the white house. I believe that a change does need to occur in Southeast Asia concerning the education of girls. I also believe that Michelle Obama would like to promote that change, but I do not believe her tour of Southeast Asia will do anything to promote that change. They do not have Michelle Obama meeting with legislators or ministers of education. They have her meeting with the wife of the prime minister who has as much power or maybe even less as she does to change how major corporations and the government invest in education. There seems to be no clear plan in place to create change. She is not bringing any incentives to the table that will move the leaders of this country to change things. An incentive would be to tell them to increase the amount of people, girls in particular that graduate in Cambodia, and America will join with their universities to build better college programs that allow college graduates from both Cambodia and America to work in both countries. It seems like we are just wagging our finger at Cambodia and saying no no no with this little campaign initiative.

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