Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog #6: Exposure Concerns Grow in Liberia After Diagnosis of First Ebola Case in Weeks

There appears to be worries that people have been exposed to Ebola when there has been no new cases reported in the last two weeks.  The patient Ruth Tugbah age 44 has been in contact with her pastor and children when she had a fever and was contagious.  She indeed tested positive for Ebola and ended the hope that Liberia would be the first of the three western African countries to emerge from this horrible epidemic.  More than 10,000 people have died from this disease in the last year from Liberia, New Guinea, and Sierra Leone.  So far Liberia has made the most progress toward recovery. Ebola response officials expressed concern for the students that attended the school that Ms. Tugbah had sold food when she had this fever.  The school has 1,904 students enrolled and is worried they might be exposed to this disease.  The Liberian government thinks that how she contracted Ebola was by having sex with her boyfriend that was an Ebola survivor.  Some studies show that the Ebola disease can stay inside semen for up to 86 days and advise the patients to practice abstinence for three months or use condoms.

I believe that a better measure should be practiced on educating people about different ways that they can contract the disease.  If they are educated or if they know that Ebola can be spread through having unprotected sex then less cases will be discovered.  There is more than one attempt to solve the spread of this disease.  Instead of telling the survivors of the risks of this disease make them more public so everyone can know about different precautions to take.  Also having people recognize that having a fever means you can contaminate anyone you are around during that specific time would also cut down cases.

Kelsey Bryant

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