Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog 6

The Utah Compromise as mention in the article titled MORMON CHURCH SUPPORTS LGBT ANTI-DISCRIMINATION BILL IN UTAH is the bridge between the more traditional and the more modern followers of the faith. The purpose of this bill is to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination in regards to housing within the state of Utah. Though Utah has had it fair share of animosity towards the LGBT community they have recently turn toward a more tolerant point of view. Ultimately this article talks about how this new modern form of the Latter days saint church has step of of its traditional values in order to bring an end to discrimination of a group by solely on their sexuality.

To be honest I am not surprised by this article about how the Mormon church is going through this transformation with the LGBT community. This anti-discrimination bill for the LGBT community in my opinion is laying down the ground work for a anti-discrimination Bill for Mormons in the future based on their sexuality. The Elders on the Mormon faith are seeing how chances in tolerance with regards to the LGBT community has taken place within the world over the last twenty years and they see how good this is for them. If this bill takes off and other states follow suit then it will not be long till the politicians in Utah will construct a bill in which discrimination against Polygamist would be illegal. 

The diversity between traditional and modern Mormons is the general hick up here.  Traditional Mormons believe in same sex couple distort the design of God whereas modern Mormon are more tolerant and open to the idea. Issues like this have been known to create splinter cells with a mainstream religions. This bill has the potential to bring change to strength the cause of the Mormon church or to tear it apart.

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