Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blog 6: The US coalition strikes could be a turning point


Thursday, a US led coalition hit ISIS hard. The strike was directed towards the Iraqi city, Tikrit. This attack hit seventeen locations around this pivotal city. This attack was made to hit several locations that were crucial to ISIS operations and movement into and out of the city. In the midst of the attack, the US strike destroyed an ISIS command outpost, three ISIS checkpoints, two bridges, two staging areas and multiple roadblocks positioned around the city. One goal of this attack was to corner ISIS and clear a path for Iraqi ground troops to advance and the town and clear out the remaining members of the terrorist group. This attack is said to be the beginning of a number of attacks from the Iraqi and coalition airstrike attacks. The Iraqi forces have made multiple attempts to take the town by themselves and have failed every attempt. Because the Iraqis lack sufficient technological advancements, they were not able to strike the key locations the needed and they were not able to strike with enough force. After every failed attempt the members of the terrorist group would move and set up in different locations so that the Iraqis would never know exactly where they were. The plan is that after multiple attacks in different key locations, the terrorist group will be weak enough for the Iraqi troops to take back The Iraq city, Mosul. If successful, it will be a turning point in the war against terror for Iraq.


This new type of attack might be just what everyone needs to finally start making some progress towards eliminating the threat of ISIS. Instead of widespread attacks in several locations, an all-out blitzkrieg in one location at a time could completely eliminate them one city at a time. With this attack finally being successful, the leaders of the Iraqi military might not be so hesitant to let the powerful US military lead the attack instead of just playing the support role. If the different militaries start working together as one, it seems like it will only be a matter of time before the threat of ISIS has been eradicated. 

Jordan Hagens 

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