Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blog #6: South Africa seeks solution to electricity

Blog #6: South Africa seeks solution to electricity constraints

One of the things that came out of that is that I am going to convene a summit with all the stakeholders and that summit will come up with a number of proposals to deal with the problems facing Eskom," Ramaphosa said.The summit, which would involve business, labour and other affected stakeholders, would examine electricity challenges with the aim of coming up with proposals to further help in addressing the problems. After a Cabinet meeting in December 2014, the government established an energy war room to attend to Eskom's short- and long term energy challenges at a time when the country was faced with load shedding. Friday's meeting was held at the request of business with a view to helping the government to address difficulties arising from the constrained supply of electricity, as well as issues affecting Eskom, said Ramaphosa's spokesperson, Ronnie Mamoepa. "The War Room on Eskom has held several meetings with stakeholders, including Business Unity South Africa, which counts the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry among its members.  

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