Monday, March 23, 2015

Blog 6- Girls Not Brides

Mabel Van Oranje: Ending Child Marriage In One Generation
The past weeks have brought the topic of child brides and it’s prevalence in developing countries into play as well as preventative measures various countries are taking to stop forced marriages. This week, the topic continues on how not only countries are trying to stop such an institution but what organizations are doing as well.
The article I have found this week focuses on Mabel van Oranje, the founder of Girls Not Brides. Mabel Oranje and her powerful organization shows great adamancy of ending child brides in one generation and gives much needed detail into the lives of child brides and how we can prevent it. Girls Not Brides encompasses over 400 members from 60 countries all doing their part to stop this act. Oranje states that the first thing she plans to do is to empower girls stating “we need to make these girls aware of their rights, the wrongness of forced marriage, and their value as human beings”. The second plan of attack Oranje is focusing on is to make each country “more powerful members, men for instance, realize the harmfulness of child marriages”. Oranje’s plan also includes education for these young girls involving “knowledge of their reproductive health and what it entails”. “Education”, says Oranje, “provides an alternative to child marriages and may make girls turn against marriage”. Last in her attack is to “implement more laws governing a legal age of marriage for each country”.
After reading this article and exploring Oranje’s website, it appears strong that her mission to end child marriages will happen. It may take longer than she expects, but with help of her 400 members and future members alike it is bound to take flight and we will soon see a world without child brides and forced marriages.
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