Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog 6: New Case

New Case

Many people in Liberia fear being exposed to Ebola. More than 10,000 individuals died from Ebola in West Africa this past year and nearly most of the deaths originated from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone; Liberia was fastest country moving towards eradication from Ebola.On March 5, 2015 the countdown to eradication started and the country ended up having it’s first case in two weeks.  Ruth Tugbah 44 years old was confirmed to be infected with Ebola and is being held at Monrovia Medical Unit which is US built and ran by the US public health services.
At first the hospital was concern because there were no connections found concerning how Ms. Tugbah became infected with Ebola. Through interviews and research it the medical team discovered that Ms. Tugbah was dating a Ebola survivor. Ebola is transmitted through blood, vomit, and feces. There has been no finding of  Ebola being sexually transmitted, but that particular information is still unknown. It is known that Ebola lingers in semen which is why they advise Ebola survivors to wait  three months before having sex.
Ms. Tugbah came in contact with many individuals. She lived in a one bathroom house shared with 52 others residing in Monrovia suburbs. Ms. Tugbah also is a vendor and sold food within a school where more than 1900 students is enrolled. She came in close contact with her children and a pastor who came to comfort Ms. Tugba while sick. Her eighteen year old daughter is demonstrating some Ebola symptoms and is being tested at a Ebola center. Her daughter attended a school with around 124 students which was close due to Ebola and just reopened. The individuals Ms. Tugbah came in contact with are presently in  isolation and being monitored. Liberia is attempting to make sure that Ebola do not spread.

Analysis: This is an example of how when solving a social problem it may take more than one attempt to find a solution. To find a solution there may also be more than one way to accomplish the goal. There are many ideas and theories that exist which are different from each other, but still beneficial. Most social problems are not solved overnight it take time (which is understandable since it affects a large amount of people).


March 27,2015
8:05 pm
Ebony Barr, Health and disease

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