Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog 6

Nardos Debru

Is the Dead Sea dying?

Is the Dead sea Dying? Many people around the world use large bodies of water such as rivers and seas for their everyday routines. Bathing, recreation, cleaning their dishes. For some people these bodies of water are a part of culture, religions history, etc. As time progresses these bodies of water become less and less available to the people that use the the most. The reason for this is because of industrialization, littering, oil spills. Things like companies and factories manufacturing more and more product and building more companies in places that are the most convenient for manufacturers. Additionally, these bodies of water have been used in many ways for war and eventually they are war torn. For water, it is not as obvious the effects of war as it is for land. People neglect these problems because they are not directly affected by them. I think that this is a very disregarded form of inequality, mainly because it does not directly mention any group of people, or people in general. These bodies of water are not only being stripped away from many people but it is also being restricted and is unable to serve its purpose. Even something as small as disposing of your trash in the correct ways can make a huge difference to keep the water clean. Water makes up more than 70% of this earth and in order to save the earth we must make a change in our bad habits.

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