Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog 6: Chinese Activist still Imprisoned

Women’s rights movements are occurring all over the world. In many places there has been an increase in violence against women and the unequal treatment of women. Activist from each side of the world are coming together to promote change and bring awareness to others. In countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, multiple African countries, China, and even right here at home in the United States. Activist everywhere are facing harsh and unusual punishment for standing up and fighting for what they believe in.

In China five women Wu Rongrong, Wei Tingting, Wang Man, Zheg Churan, and Li Tingting were arrested for planning and organizing a march for sexual assault, harassment, safe sex, and awareness. They were also planning many other campaigns for the public. Two of the women endure serious illnesses and have to be detained in a hospital for prison inmates. The women have been in jail for nearly three weeks. Since their arrests there have been many debates about freeing the women activists. Multiple international governments have called for their freedom and release. China’s foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying stated that nobody has the right to ask for their discharge. The United States has also gotten involved because the US ambassador Samantha Powers has made a statement regarding the release of the five women. Many others have shared their opinions as well and have asked for outside forces to stop interfering.

These women need help. So if outside help is not required then other activist in their country need to stand up for them and voice their opinions for their release and freedom.
Illyana Massey
3/27/15    9:38 pm

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