Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog 6: United Kingdom Sends Aid to Ukraine

The Ukraine have been involved in a conflict in their own back yard for months now and as of last month has established a peace treaty between the Ukraine and the Russian Separatists, although the treaty itself seems fragile due to the reports of continued fighting around Donetsk. Late last week the United Kingdom stated they intend on helping the Ukraine with their struggle by helping train their troops and sending military advisers. The United Kingdom also stated that they also plan on providing an additional 15 million pounds (or 22.3 million USD) to help fund their effort against the separatists. According the article the UK Defense Secretary, Michael Fallon, told Parliament last month that Britain was going to be sending the Ukraine nonlethal support as per their request. As Fallon stated "This support, provided at the request of the Ukrainian government, will help their armed forces develop and maintain the capacity and resilience they need, and help reduce fatalities and casualties." The United States has also promised to also aid Ukraine by starting a program that will train their National Guard forces.
Russia as of lately has been under pressure to cut its support from the Ukraine although they still denie being affiliated with the separatists. Although as of last Wednesday (March 18th 2015) Russia signed a treaty with Georgia's territory South Osseita, who back in 2008 Russia encouraged to declare independence from Tbilisi. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for Russia to repeal their treaty and to pull their forces from the area but as far as this article is concerned no effort has been made.
William A. Bullard 
March 27, 2015 
10:38 PM

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