Friday, March 06, 2015

Blog Post 4: Katelynne Lee

As I continue to research child brides in different countries, it becomes more disheartening and makes me angry. It constantly makes me think about what authority and the general population are doing to stop horrendous men abusing girls and coercing them to marry.
This week, I found an article that fits into that question. This article was a court case about a Lebanese man residing in Australia who had a non-legalized marriage of a young child. This article mentions that the man had many years of seeing her and harassed her by constant phone calls and text messages despite the girl’s parents and Imam saying she wasn’t interested. In Australia, the marriage of underage girls is illegal not to mention sexual encounters with a minor. Needless to say, this man has violated three laws. In the end, the court sentenced him to 7 years in prison without parole.
Despite my feelings of the lenient prison term, I was content in reading this article. It does prove, as well as past finding through my other blogs, that things are indeed being done and those mindsets of people in regards to child brides is changing.

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