Friday, March 06, 2015


Blog Post 4: War

          This week, an Iraq force of over 30,000 troops has been attempting to advance on the ISIS occupied city of Tikrit. ISIS captured the town last summer in a lightning advance that totally took Iraq as well as the U.S. by surprise. Despite Iraq being backed by U.S. training and equipment, they still struggle to keep up moral and sustain a successful counter attack. Early this week, ISIS bulldozed Nimrud, a famous archeological sight founded in the 1980's. Iraq officials have taken these actions as war crimes, and demand ISIS face punishments. Their belief is that ISIS wishes to not only kill them, but erase them from history. Thus far the Iraq forces have made minimal advances on Tikrit, but the final battle has yet to occur.
          In a show of just how horrid ISIS movement has been, they have recently attached high definition video cameras to their rifles to film their executions of innocents. They posted these video's online for view, and are glamorizing the videos as if they were clips from a video game. ISIS was also witnessed throwing a gay man off the roof of a tall building into a mob of people below on the ground. They filmed this atrocity as well, and posted it online as propaganda. There seems to be little putting a stop to their endeavors, and even with the threat of U.S. airstrikes as well as an army of Iraq fighters , ISIS continues to terrorize and kill innocents on their campaign to establish their regime as a state. It is hard to see a quick solution, and without direct U.S. involvement, their isn't much that can be done from the sidelines. Hopefully the Iraq army can continue to train and arm themselves appropriately to combat this threat in a quick and efficient manner.
         Without a solution soon, it seems that ISIS ideology will continue to spread and effect more countries. The threat of their army isn't the only fear, terrorist attacks across the world in the name of ISIS seem to becoming more likely as we see their propaganda continue to spread. It is difficult to say exactly what will happen if they are not stopped soon, but it is logical to assume lives will be lost if a solution is not implemented.

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