Friday, March 06, 2015

Russian Protester Murdered in Moscow

Last Friday night Russian activist Boris Nemtsov was gunned down in Moscow near the Kremlin with his Ukrainian girlfriend, who survived the incident. Nemtsov was a Russian activist who often spoke out against his country often referring to them as corrupt and was arrested many times for speaking these particular views. According to Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, Nemtsov was about to reveal vital information that would harm Russia's image leaving many left with their own imagination as to why he was murdered. Poroshenko stated in an interview "A few weeks ago I had a conversation with him on how to build relations between Ukraine and Russia, as we would like them to be. Boris said that he was going to make public the strong evidence for participation of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. Someone was very afraid of that. Boris was not afraid, the executioners were afraid. They killed him." If this information is correct this would mean that Ukraine's suspicions about Russia's involvement with the Russian separatists could very well be a reality, although at the moment this is not the only theory.
Putin has vowed to find those responsible for the murder even though many Russians believe that he himself may have had a hand in it, although Putin has a different theory. According to Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, Putin believes that it was a contract hit meant to start political conflict, in which case it may have very well succeeded. There are also others who believe that the murder may have something to do with the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris or that it may have had something to do with Nemtsov's own personal business. Two days after Nemtsov's death he was meant to lead a march which has since become something much larger than a opposition rally. 

William Addison Bullard 
March 6th 2015
9:45 P.M.

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