Friday, March 20, 2015

Post 5

The article i choose wasf rising issues in southern and southeast Aisa; the counsel  was sponsored by the International Forum of Buddhist-Muslim Relations in hopes of curving the region to a peaceful solution. Chandra Musaffar, the president of International Movement for a Just World, said, “If we want peace and justice, it is very important for Buddhists and Muslims to come together because these are two major world religions.” With these two leading forces peace seem more possible of the region.

The article is a great way of saying that no matter how different two religions are they still have a common goal; peace and respect for human life.  Under these principles Buddhist and Muslims have set aside their centuries old war to bring about peace. This is a sign of gradual acceptance between these two facts; which in turn show that we as a world are become more tolerant of things that once drove us to want to kill one another. Religious diversity has always been the spark that set of Religious wars and genocide but now it seems we are starting to no longer focus on our differences and look more to our similarities.

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