Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Airstrikes with many Civilian Casualties

Yemen: At least six civilians burn to death

 in further airstrikes overnight

It seems that the Saudi - Arabian led military has decided to stop caring about civilian casualties and are look the other way to what has been happening. Over the past week there has been many airstrikes that has resulted in multiple civilian casualties including children.  The military led an airstrike on two patrol stations that led to the death several passengers in a car who decided to stop there and refuel. At the same a military base was target for an airstrike however, right next to this base was a market full of civilians. The airstrike was still ordered to happen and resulted in the death of 20 people including children and 16 people injured and hospitalized. Just last night at around 2AM a Huthi checkpoint was targeted which left 4 children, 2 women, six men dead, and 31 more civilians hospitalized due to burns and or shrapnel wounds. 
Although, yes there have been reports of Huthi fights near camps and other areas, that does not give the Saudi - Arabian military the right to forget about the 40 houses that are near where they are. Homes are getting hit and and civilians are burning to death because they are not properly warned of the strikes. There are laws which requires are parties at war to take all feasible precautions to spare the lives of civilians. This is not being done. These people need an advanced warning so that they can take precautions and the military should not be striking near high populated areas. Civilian casualties are almost inevitable while at war however it is not okay for civilians to not get any warning and for the military to just turn their head when they do happen. 

Eliana Berger

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