Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Blog #7: Crackdown on Activism in China.

The Beijing Yirenping Center, offices of a major human rights organization, was raided by Chinese security agents on Tuesday, March 31.  At least two dozen police officers came into the building showcasing yet another act of the authorities' hostility towards non-profitable and nongovernmental organizations who either receive funding from foreign sources or help promote civic activism.  Specifically, the Beijing Yirenping Center focus on gender equality and fights against discrimination for people with HIV, physical disabilities and hepatitis. The found of the group, Lu Jun, suggests the raid was due to the support and publicized efforts for the five females activists who have been recently causing international criticism.  The authorities have taken files, laptops and computers and have restricted the employees from entering the building without any explanation. According the article, there has been an increase to civil rights defenders being jailed as "part of a crackdown on social activism and political dissent" since President Xi Jinping came into term two years ago. Lawyers for the detained women are stating that they are being mistreated, sleep deprived and forced to comply with lengthy interrogations, one of which is being denied medical attention for hepatitis. Within the past recent months, Chinese authorities have dismantled the Transition Institute, detaining many employees, closed a numerous rural lending libraries, and harassed labor advocates. 

China's recent actions towards civil rights activists and civil rights groups have been strict and unnecessary. The results of trying to shut down defenders and organizations have only further lead to a bigger political and social gap between the Chinese government and it's civilians. Especially with the treatment of these people who are trying to raise awareness and promote equality within the country. The treatment of the detained women is inhuman. It's basically torture. Mild - yes, but still violates the person's individual rights. China's attempt of trying to keep everything under governmental control with the President's regime and conform to the idea of the government will only further cause these organizations and activists to speak and act out for civilian rights and equality. 

Rachel Ear
April 2. 2015
6:42 pm.

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