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Blog 7

Blog 7


Female genital cutting in Thailand's south


       In Thailand the act of female genital cutting or FGM is a rising concern. Many people in Thailand and other countries allow their female children to go through FGM because of their religion. Most of the women who have gone through the FGM procedure are Muslim and do not even know that they have gone through it because most times it’s done through infancy. In this article a lady from Thailand named Dr. Umasa stated how she goes about the procedure. She also stated how she performs as many as 10 to 20 FGM procedures a month and the reason she keeps performing them is because it’s a religious act. There is also controversy about if the FGM procedure is really safe. Some claim it does not do any harm but most health studies show how it can lead to many health complications later in the girl’s lives. The WHO are trying to get the countries who practice the FGM procedure to stop with the cutting and to try another alternative, but it is very difficult to try to convince the mother of the girl children because they so strongly believe in the FGM procedure to withhold their religious beliefs.

      I have heard that in many countries that religion plays a huge part in health care. FGM is something that I have never heard of but was a big eye opener for me. I believe that that FGM is an extreme factor and is a violation of human rights. It should not be done even though it’s a religious practice. It seems like this is something forced on children and can cause serious health issues. In the future there should be laws placed, so that FGM cannot be done unless there is proper consent from the person who is receiving this procedure.
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