Friday, April 03, 2015

Blog #7 At least 147 killed, hundreds rescued in Kenyan university attack that targeted Christians

The Muslim militant group called al-Shabab attacked Garissa University College in North-East Kenya, an area where 90% of the population is Muslim. The attack took place at 5:3am on April 2nd and 147 were wounded or killed and about 500 were held hostage. The casualties were believed to all be Christians. When the Kenyan military arrived to resolve the issue all of the Muslim hostages were released but al-Shabab kept hold of all the Christians. Later on the Kenyan military managed to rescue the remaining hostages. This has been the biggest attack in this area but it is one of many and they have all been targeting Christians or those who could not recite the Qu'ran.

It's sad to see that these Christians living in this region of Kenya are being killed for simply being Christian and that, once again, Muslim extremists are soiling the name of moderate Muslims. I certainly do hope that the Kenyan military can eventually resolve the outstanding issue and remove al-Shabab from Kenya.


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