Friday, April 03, 2015

Shigella Outbreak


This article from The U.S News World & Report speaks on the issue of rising numbers of Shigella cases around the U.S. Shigella is a bacteria that is transferred from person to person through contaminated food sources. This bacteria, commonly known as the "stomach bug", causes millions of illnesses and thousands of deaths each year. Symptoms of the infection include watery or bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever. Although Shigella is common in the U.S. the issue now is that the bacteria is becoming resistant to the preferred drug used to kill or inhibit it. Two issues are centered in this article, the first issue is that the increase in drug resistance is related to international travel. Second is the concern of the over usage of antibiotics in hospital settings.  According to the article 30% to 50% of antibiotics prescribed in hospitals are unnecessary or incorrect. This is a problem because over exposure to antibiotic allows for the bacteria to become resistant at a higher rate.


The current outbreak of Shigella in its recent transformation is quite dangerous. Because Shigella is transferred from person to person through food sources it is transferred at a fast pace. This could easily turn in to a nation wide epidemic if scientists and educator do not work  quickly to put a handle on the issue. In addition their should be stricter rules placed on the usage of antibiotics.

Phylicia Smith

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