Friday, April 03, 2015

Nathan Larson
Blog 7

The Iraq army captured the formerly ISIS held city of Tikrit on April 1st. The mission to capture the city has been slowly unfolding for months, but on the 1st, the Iraq Army finally was able to break through ISIS defenses and recapture the city.  The problem however is that currently there is no control in the city and thus an anarchy has broken out. Looting, murder, and property damage has been prevalent, and even the supposed “friendly forces” have been witnessed committing horrendous acts. The ISIS forces although currently defeated, are not far from the Iraq army. They have taken up positions outside Tikrit and are awaiting a chance to counterattack. The issue with all the chaos taking place in the city is that the Iraq forces are not in a position to adequately defend against the likely counter attack.  It also is alarming that the Iraq forces are not professional in their invasion of the city and their management of their victory. It begs to question if they are really capable of future military operations, and makes one wonder if they are really any better than the force that they are fighting against. It is good to see that the Iraq army has managed a major victory against ISIS, and it is without question that the world hopes that they will continue their victories against ISIS. There still needs to be a vast improvement in their military conduct, as well as their training. If the “good guys” are creating the same problems as ISIS then there seems no point in them winning back taken cities. It is hopeful that they will step up their efforts in maintaining a professional military force so that they can continue to rid the middle east of ISIS and any other threats that are causing chaos.

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