Thursday, April 09, 2015

Beheaded… for witchcraft: ISIS executioner decapitates mans accused of sorcery in latest act of barbarity

·         Terrorists beheaded the man in a public square in Salah al-Din province

·         Huge crowds gathered in the streets to watch the group’s latest atrocity

·         The victim is believed to have been killed after he was accused of sorcery


Militants fighting for the Islamic Stat have savagely beheaded a man accused of practicing sorcery and witchcraft.

Horrifying images of the killing are being shared on the social media by their blood thirsty supporters showing the victim laying in blood with his head severed resting on his back.

The position the man laid was the same position British and American hostages laid in after savagely beheaded by  ISIS British executioner chief Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Jihadi John.

Surrounding the man lifeless body are dozens of brightly-colored praying beads. The man was most likely selling these items that ISIS terrorist consider bid’ah “meaning a’reprehensible innovation.’

Huge crowds were seen in the streets to witness this brutal killing. ISIS normally executes and amputates people in public.


This shows a brutal killing of a terrorist group that wants to be the supreme ruler. This religious extremist will use any fore to implement their belief on other human being. In this article it shows the beheaded of a person to enforce their belief on a sect of people. They use public form to instill conformity and to terrorize the people. The ISIS has become a global affair because it has spread beyond its borders. The terrorist group shows no emotion for mankind. So from this article you can see that they are religious extremist and will put their belief on anyone that comes in their path.
Tempris McCollum



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