Thursday, April 09, 2015

Many Children are living in Victorian Conditions - It's an Inequality Timebomb


This article is about how children in Britain are living in what is called "victorian conditions." This is where they have to turn to charity to get meals and go during the winter without warm coats. This makes it clear that the financial crisis in Britain is impacting the children really rough. The children go to school hungry, tired, and filthy, unable to focus on class work. Teenagers are withdrawn, not even concerned about going to college for worries about their family. There is no chance for equal life in Britain. The children that once qualified for free meals now have to scrub floors or clean toilets for minimum wage in order to eat. The system is set so that those who do not need the assistance or the favor. The education gap between the richest and the poorest children is widening. Only one in three disadvantaged child is hitting the government's pass scores for the GCSE.


This honestly makes me very sad. Being someone who cares most about children and what they have to go through in their lives. Seeing that there are so many children in Britain going without food or having to work for their food. Knowing that these children are failing at school because they are hungry, tired or just plain worried about their families is just a sad thing. Here in the US we do not want to believe that children are having to go through this even though it is prevalent here as well as in Britain. Knowing that there will be an even later issue with this inequality. These children, those who are failing and unable to focus, try to go get a job and produce off spring, they will have to go against the students living in better conditions. This will make it harder to get a job and move out of these conditions, making their children go through it too and continue the cycle.

Elizabeth Causby
April 9, 2015
 11:38 PM

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