Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog #10 Ebola can be transmitted by Sex

Just recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has changed the guidelines on the transmitting of the Ebola virus. They are said that you should not have any form of sex unless protection is being used. They have found that it is possible to transmit the virus through sexual contact. The World Health Organization and Liberia have come to the same conclusion about using protection during sex if you have been infected with the virus but is over it now. They are going off of the fact that a man could have possibly gave his female partner months after he had been over the virus. They found genetic material in a sample of semen that a man gave them after he had gotten over the virus. 175 days after he had started to develop symptoms. That’s 74 days longer than ever found in a survivor. They have not came to an actual conclusion on whether or not if the virus is fully sexually transmitted like other STD’s but it is quite possible that you can transmit it that way. They are planning to test the body fluids of things such as semen, breast milk, and urine. Experts say that they have not ruled out the possibility of Ebola being sexually transmitted but they do think that it is possible for it to happen. Even though the virus has cleared the blood system it is still possible that it is still in the body. They has made test available to people to be tested to see if they still have the virus in their system at all.



Looking at this I think this can help on other levels as well. I think that if you can get the people to start using protection to protect against the Ebola virus it can also help protect them against other infections as well. Also this can help lower the population which in other ways can be beneficial all around. If you can get the people to start using protection for this virus it can help out on other levels as well.  So by doing this you are killing two birds with one stone.


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