Friday, April 24, 2015

DfID accused of heightening inequality through support for private sector


            The UK government has decided to take wealth that could be used to help the poorest countries and attempt to help allow children to have free public education and instead are using that to fund the private sector. The Department for International Development (DfID) has close relationships with the private sector and is filling the pockets of the large corporations. There was a study done on Friday called Profiting from poverty, again, and it showed that the aid that should be used to support human needs building up public services in low economic sectors as the UK. The DfID is dogmatically promoting private health and education when it’s been shown that this approach actually entrenches inequality and endangers access. On Friday, a group of US, British and South African NGOs and teachers’ groups issued a letter to the CEO of Person, a company that is one of the corporations that is given money from the DfID, that states that the states that Person is not allowing affordable public education but increasing private education.


            I believe that if the UK has the ability to increase the private education, then they should allow the public education a chance to get a better education. Children all over should be allowed a chance to have an education. I think that the private sectors getting such large selection of the money is unfair. Everyone should have an equal chance of education. With the sudden changes in how education and poverty have correlated lines, it is easy to see how they are together. When poverty is high, education is low. The education sector needs to rely greatly on assistance, mostly when the location is in poverty stricken area. The inequality that appears in those areas that are lower in poverty extremely needs of assistance from things like the DfID. They require this assistance because they do not have the ability to request the assistance from the parents.

Elizabeth Causby
April 24, 2015
10:06 pm

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