Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog #10: Ebola Lying in Wait

There have been some scientific clues that propose that the Ebola virus was waiting in the West African forest for decades before the epidemic swept the region taking ten thousand lives.  Some studies have suggested that Ebola antibodies were found in human blood samples in West Africa before the current outbreak.  According to Dr. Peter Piot, the director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, there is evidence that is pointing to "infection before the current epidemic." Scientist has found evidence in the human blood that proposes immune reactions to Ebola in fourteen other countries, twelve in Africa, as well as Panama and Philippines.  A team of scientists are trying to figure out where the next big outbreak will occur and twenty two nations are in the danger zone.  To help prevent these high risk Ebola epidemics, the nations prioritize the nations by their proximity to the current outbreak zone and the instability of their health system.  


I think that it is necessary for scientists to try and predict where the next outbreak will occur so that we can be prepared to stop it.  It is disturbing to learn that the Ebola virus was found in the West Africa forest and the virus has been found in human blood before the outbreak occurred.  This makes me wonder what other diseases have been found elsewhere before outbreaks have happened.  Since we know more about it and studies have been performed we can hopefully prevent this epidemic of occurring again.  I also feel as if people in these countries are more educated about Ebola and knowledge will help to slow the spread if it begins again. 

Kelsey Bryant

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