Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog 10: Hubble Issues 25th Birthday Image

Hubble Issues 25th Birthday Image

The Hubble Telescope recently celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday by providing us with another astonishingly beautiful picture of our universe. Throughout its lifespan the Hubble has given us all a wondrous view into what our solar system and beyond looks like and is expected to do so for at least another five years. In the early 1990s a flaw was detected in the lenses but it was soon corrected and in addition to other little minor issues, the Hubble is working just fine.

Not only has the Hubble helped us view the universe but it also helped us advance our knowledge about the universe such as its age as well as furthering our knowledge on planetary bodies such as stars or black holes. The Hubble also helped us determine that there are literally trillions of other stars out there and the potential for life is virtually limitless in the cosmos.

However, work is already in progress on the Hubble's successor, the James Webb Space Telescope, due for launch in 2018. This telescope is to be sent farther out than the Hubble which will allow for deeper viewing and for less obstructed pictures for us back at home. Looking at the advances we have acquired from the Hubble, it is easy to get excited for what all we will get form the Webb.

Ryan Campbell
April 24, 2015

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