Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog 10: Grief Mixes With Anger Over Christian Ethiopian Deaths

            Thirty people were killed by militants in Libya. Two of those people Eyasu Yikunoamlak and Balcha Belete were from ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia and the city is still mourning their death. The Libya militants who killed them said they were representing the Islamic State. The brother of the victim believes he was killed because he attended the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Although religion may play apart a lot of these people were killed because they wanted to go to a foreign country for better jobs.  

         I don’t think its fair that people are being killed because they want to seek better opportunities. They are trying to keep them in this cycle of poverty and not letting them to leave to better themselves. One third of Ethiopia's population lives below the poverty line. There are other obstacles that are interfering with Ethiopians leaving as well. Ethiopians traveling to the Middle East for work have faced mistreatment and mass deportation. People trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea risk drowning in route. Many people also pay people to get them out of Ethiopia and if they don’t get them out successfully they loose their money. Although militants are making it hard to leave some people are still trying to. I understand wanting to move for better opportunities and its sad that people don’t have the freedom to do that. 

Tamaiya Davis 

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