Thursday, April 23, 2015

Worsening conditions draw attention

Worsening Conditions for Women in Iran Begin to Draw Attention

        It seems like every time things start to look up, it just does't quite get there. The President of Iran Hassan Rouhani spoke up against the worsening conditions for women in Iran. He said " we have no patriarchy nor matriarchy in Islam, what we have is a meritocracy", he is trying to convince people that men and women stand side by side but this is plenty of evidence to show that this is not true. Unemployment in Iran is a huge problem right now. The government has said that there is going to be a possible 2,284 government jobs available, these jobs are mainly for men. 16 of these spots are "women jobs" and there are hundreds that has unspecified gender but in reality these positions also go to men.
          People are unhappy that the president keeps making promises that are not kept. There has been talk about amending laws that band women from sports stadiums and other places however, whenever this ban seems to be getting lifted there is always someone who claims that this amending has not been decided yet.  Even though there has been talk about men and women becoming more equal and standing side by side, it seems like things are getting worse for women instead of better. In the past few years there has been more restrictions having to do with health care, social lives, ect, put on women. Militias were created to make sure that all women were dressed properly created many attacks on women. These militia were eventually stopped. 
          What I have noticed through out the past few weeks is that a lot of places around the world are having the same human rights issues, and many, but not all of them deal with women. In Iran the human rights issues against women kept getting pushed away because the focus was on nuclear weapons.  It seems that the government is not caring and paying enough attention to what is happening to its citizens. Citizens are suppose to be able to rely on their government for help and protection and so far all the government has been doing is making things worse. 

Eliana Berger

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