Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog #10 Kenya's War on Terror Helps Terrorists

Kenya's plan to close the Dabaab refugee camp, about 50 miles from the Somali border, is intended to reduce the chance of attacks by the al-Shabaab, which is the Somalia-based militant group that recently murdered more than 140 people at a Kenyan university.  However, kicking almost 40,000 Somalis back into a mostly lawless, poverty-wracked land will create more misery, and eventually result in more terrorist recruits.  In announcing the Dabaab refugee closure, Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto said, "The way America change after 9/11os the way Kenya will change after Garissa (the university) attack. Hm....

I think that before Kenya decides to close these refugee camps, they should look a the impact of this closure.  As mentioned in the article, more terrorist recruits will result in this from the Somalis that are being forced back into the poor land.  Another issue is, the Kenyan government needs to look at their problems in the country and analyze why attacks have occurred by the al-Shabaab groups.  They have conducted more than 100 attacks in Kenya, killing at least 400 people.  However, rather than solve these problems Kenyatta's government has blamed attacks on political opponents and passed "anti-terrorism" laws that actually allow it to crack down on the news media and non-governmental organizations. Kenya has even shut down money transfer services that are vital to the Somali refugee community.......(even another reason for these groups to be recruited as 'terrorists.'

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