Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog #10: UN Condemns Horrific Week of Human Rights Violations in Libya

This past week in Libya, there have been horrific human rights violations. Several hundred people lost their life in the Mediterranean trying to escape violence in Libya. There were also several members of a prominent family killed by the Islamic State in Libya. Those trying to escape were migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers and they were all at risk of killings, torture, abduction, and physical assault. The human rights division of the UN Support Mission in Libya had several visits to detention centers in Libya. They reported concern including “chronic overcrowding, poor sanitation, health care, and insufficient food.” The spokesperson of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights also stated that there were reports of physical or verbal mistreatment, labor exploitation, sexual violence, and confiscation of identity documents.
            It is so sad to me that the people killed in the Mediterranean felt so scared that they had to flee from their own country when most of them were already in poverty. The Islamic State in Libya also held an execution of at least 28 Christians in two separate incidents this week. Something needs to be done in Libya. As a human, you are allowed to practice whatever religion you want and you should not be targeted just because you are a Christian. This has been an issue all year in Libya. Earlier this year, the High Commissioner urged Libyans “to unite against extremists launching attacks based on religious, ethnic, national, racial, or political ground” and would like to continue to reiterate this today.

Emily Burris


10:16 pm

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