Friday, April 03, 2015

Blog 7: Al-Shabab attack university in Kenya

The terrorist group Al-Shabab affiliated with Al-Qaeda completed an attack on a Kenyan University on Thursday.  The Garissa university campus attack claimed the lives of 148 people including 142 students. Five men ran into the campus with guns and explosive vests. The terrorist targeted Christians and shot them. Al-Shabab headed straight for the lecture hall where Christians were engaged in their morning prayer. Kenyan forces cornered the gunman and four died after their vests exploded. The fifth man was reportedly arrested.  More than 500 students escaped to safety however, which is the only good to come from this situation. Al-Shabab said it was at war with Kenya after the Kenyan government sent forces to fight Al-Shabab in Somalia in 2011.  The man believed to be responsible for the killing is a former Kenyan schoolteacher. The reward offered by the Kenyan government is $53,000 dollars. He is believed to be in Somalia. The attack came with some warning but the details of the warning are not known. All that was known was that an attack was possible on an institute of higher learning. The university only had two guards on campus at the time of the attack and the guards were quickly eliminated. People question why there was such little security when the possibility of an attack was known. The students of the university were concerned about their safety as early as last year when they presumably asked for more guards.  This is the same group responsible for a hotel attack in Somalia just last week.

Christopher Blake Eakes
April 3, 2015
7:22 PM

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