Friday, April 03, 2015

Blog #7: Ebola Vaccine Trials Underway in West Africa

Over 10,000 people have lost their lives to the disease Ebola in West Africa.  Since the Ebola outbreak last summer scientists have rushed to get anti- Ebola vaccines into clinical trials.  Some scientists are saying they are seeing strong results from some of the different studies.  A vaccine candidate is currently being tested in Guinea.  Medical workers who have been exposed to this disease are likely to get this new vaccine.  Since Liberia has less new cases developing the clinical vaccine started there will be continued in Guinea and Sierra Leone.  Dr. Mark Mulligan treated a doctor from the US that was exposed to the disease while in Sierra Leone with one of the new vaccines.  Mulligan stated that "there was evidence of strong and immediate immune system  responses, the first defenders in our body, and also from antibodies and T cells that we want a vaccine to produce".  Three of the five different strains of Ebola can cause disease and morbidity towards humans.

I believe that we are one step closer to finding a cure for this horrible disease that keeps claiming people's lives.  Also this new vaccine will help this disease from spreading so rapidly.  The main problem they are having is that there are five different strains of Ebola floating around and one vaccine could only treat and prevent that one type.  There is still a lot more testing and comparing of results to be done until this vaccine is safe to administrator.  Dr Jesse Goodman says "It could benefit people if this outbreak went the wrong way again.  These could be incredibly important tools for the future outbreaks".  With this new research we are one step closer to finding the answer of how to stop Ebola in its tracks.

Kelsey Bryant

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