Friday, April 03, 2015

Blog 7- Raising Beti

Raising Beti
Previously, my blogs have discussed what organizations and companies alike are doing to prevent child marriages and bring children some semblance of a childhood. Such blogs have covered news laws, legislation, and bringing education about such topics. This week, I chose to go more into empowerment of young girls and found an article on an Indian woman raising her daughter in America.
The mother, Tina Karkera, states in the article that she loves her culture and desires her child to know and understand her culture. She states it is great to know where one came from, but she mentions that she wants to teach her child to rise up against the old, traditional views her culture has. Karkera states that being female in Indian culture is seen both as wonderful, but still lower on the gender scale. She makes mention that in Indian culture, a woman’s voice should not be heard and that women are to grow up to become married. Karkera wants her child to rise against this traditional belief system stating she wants her to know how to speak her voice, to show her emotions whether good or bad, to be present and to make her own decisions for herself and not anybody else.
This article speaks a great deal on what women should be able to do and encourages girls to grow and be who they want to be. Karkera is one woman who is going to make a difference in generations of young girls raised in harsh, male dominated worlds. This is one huge step in changing mindsets of the world and I hope more parents and people become this way.

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Time Stamp: 4/3/15 8:50pm

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