Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog #8 After Islamist attack, armed guards shield Kenyan churches

Kenyan churches have begun making usage of armed guards in the wake off the university attack on its Christian students and the subsequent threat to turn Kenyan cities "red with blood." The entire country has seen a massive increase in very visible and thorough security made up of a mixture of armed private security, plain clothed police and heavily armed police. Hotels in Nairobi have added large metal gates with security check points, crime filled areas have been given a dusk to dawn curfew, government and public centers have been infested with security and the undersides of cars are inspected to check for bombs and many of the areas that have been places of previous attacks have been placed under heavy watch. "All the mall owners, who take security very seriously, revised their security measures before Easter. But after the Garissa attack, they increased it again." said Peter Bach. The assault on Garissa was marked as retaliation for Kenyan sending peacekeeper units into Somalia.

Kenya has seemed to have put itself under complete lock down in both a mixture of fear of future attacks and determination to prevent and combat further attacks. It actually is a nice site that Kenya has begun these security enhancements to protect its populace from further danger but hopefully these security measures won't be as needed further down the road. Kenya is determined to combat Muslim terrorism unlike much of the Mid East which seems content on almost letting ISIS run its rampage all it wants.


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