Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog 8: Taking Feminist Battle to China Streets, and Landing in Jail

Some young Chinese feminists shaved their heads to protest inequality in higher education. Two women put on white wedding gowns and splashed them with red paint publicizing domestic violence. Five of the core members of China’s new feminist movement are in jail because they were accused of provoking social instability. They put in on the eve of International Women’s Day just when they were going to plan a public awareness campaign about sexual harassment on public transportation. Security agents are now hunting for those who participated in the women’s protests. One of the women named Xiao Meili, 26, said that they were so afraid and confused and that they didn’t understand what they did wrong. More than 1,100 people added their names to a petition to release the five women. The American Ambassador to the United Nations made the statement that if China is committed to advancing the rights of women, they should address the issues not silence them. Many overseas have been campaigning through Facebook and Twitter about the freeing the women. The jailed feminists have drawn a large amount of international attention. The women are denied their medication, they did not notify their families about the detention and they are constantly being interrogated and pressured to confess that they broke a law.
I was shocked to see this in the news. It is sad that women are discouraged to protest about a serious issue such as sexual assault, especially in a more modernized country. Even the way the women are treated while in jail is unreasonable. I am glad that this has gotten around the world and that people are supporting them. This could have become an even bigger issue than it is if others were not involved in the promotion of freeing the five women. It might still become a bigger issue if the government continues to hunt down the protesters and convince them that they did something wrong.

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