Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog 8:Nigerian refugees: U.N. appeals for $174M for victims of Boko Haram

The United Nations is appealing for $174 million to help Nigerian refugees   Whom fled to nearby nations for protection. Boko Haram has stacked many villages, schools, churches, leaving thousands of people dead. This vicious group also kidnapped many students, including It has also kidnapped students, including more than 200 schoolgirls abducted in April last year. Majority of these girls are still missing today. The militants have attacked viscously, ending 192,000 people seeking shelter in Cameroon, Niger and Chad. According to Liz Ahua, "Displaced people in northeastern Nigeria and across borders are in a very dramatic situation, they fear for their lives and are at this point unable to return to their homes". Different agencies have aided to provide the refugees with clean food, water, shelter, and an education opportunity. "In the refugee camps, thousands of school-age refugee children cannot attend school because of lack of classrooms and teachers," Ahua said.  According to the United Nations, mental health needs play a significant role to help the survivors of physical attacks and those who've witnessed violence. A lot of children have been separated from their families, and that creates even more problems.Ahua also stated,"Adequate funding is crucial to make sure aid agencies can improve the living conditions for refugees in asylum countries and respond to their protection needs". The Islamist group has said it intends  is  impose a stricter form of Sharia law across Nigeria, which is split between a majority Muslim north and a mostly Christian south. This split has given Nigeria an additional displacement of about 1.2 million people.

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